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by Mike

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Hi, my name’s Mike!

I make YouTube videos about the history, culture, people and language of Germany, which is a pretty audacious thing for a Brit to attempt. But then, I have been living in Germany for most of my adult life, which is an alarmingly long time. 

I was signed up to YouTube when it was just over a year old, with no clue how to even operate a camcorder; in the years since, I taught myself to make videos and run a YouTube channel — and so here I am.

My videos

All of my videos have one thing in common: they’re about Germany. They range from short travelogues showcasing cities and towns, to vlogs on various aspects of German life and occasionally current affairs. I aim to be entertaining and informative, digging up some background information and offering more than a superficial gloss.

I have been to local festivals, walked around the geographical centre of the European Union, explored unfinished rail tunnels, given my views on the refugee crisis, explained how to use Frankfurt’s public transport system and successfully pronounced “tschechisches Streichholzschächtelchen”.

The limiting factor

As every YouTube creator on Patreon knows all too well, and has no doubt explained many times over, it costs money to make videos. It can take me nearly a full day to research, script, rehearse, film, edit and upload a single four-minute vlog, and that’s a day I can’t work.

While I have so far managed, it means I can’t make videos whenever I want to. It also limits the scope of the videos I do make: with so little time and limited finances, for the most part I’m stuck in my local area, squeezing in the odd travelogue when I have a rare day off.

How your pledge can help

Money can almost literally buy me time. Since my paid work is freelance, I have some flexibility, meaning that the more support I get from Patrons, the more time I can spend on researching and making videos.

If I can reach a certain level of support, I’ll be able to travel more widely through Germany, giving a much better insight into the huge variety within the country: famous tourist destinations, less-well-known gems off the beaten track, a greater variety of festivals and traditions, and more.

The costs involved are not trivial. These include the costs of travel and accommodation (and food, since I don’t intend to starve), and other less obvious overheads, such as filming permits.

And of course, although the equipment I have is fine, it would be nice to be able to update it: a new camera with improved image stabilization, a better lapel mic, improved lighting, and more sophisticated editing software would all go a long way to making my videos look just a bit more polished.

In short...

I’ve taken my YouTube channel about as far as I can without outside support. I think it has potential to go much further; and if you agree, it would be a great help to me if you could pledge a small amount every month to take rewboss to the next level.