Hey, Hugs to everyone in here !! Just my new blogg along!! Me, Bozz Seb Seen Revolto alias Bassel Hope alias Leonardo Indigo alias Sham

Just am free i doin Drawinlearninlessons on Skype on Webinars in individuel Themes and just One-To-One - Pay 12/hour just bokable of 14.00 up to 20.00 oclock mondays to fridays - Just ring me up for booking 049-172-9265888 or just write me an Email "bodymodbyseb@outlook.de" just book on Your own Adventure with me - specialized Themes with 40 to 50 Drawinlearninbooks along - First what are you drawin by now ?? - What may you draw along ?? - What do You wanna learn along ?? Thats all for the Start and get me the Money on my Paypalaccount and give me advice when do You wanna have Your Webinar ??

Just out of my True Moon Tattoo Inc. - Me will just get by cass new Tattoocolours and new Tattooneedles just one set of 3RL, 5RL, 7RL and 10M and 15M - And an full Set of new Colours just Eternal or Cheyenne INK me  suppose !! Will just take on my Tattoopracticonin in the Time after my Huiftprothesisoperation and the Spotingrehab afterwards !! Just will practice here along and get Money in my Pocketcase for gettin to TattooAcademy-Schoolins along !! Hope on all of You to book just Skype-Webinars and BuyIn at "Original Revolto Artworkdrawinshop" on Facebook.com and just book also my Client-Wish-Artworkdrawins for about 40 Euros/each - my Artworkdrawins are normally of 40 to 80 Euros/Each One along !! Just here in the Shop for only 40 Euros/Each !! Just bookable on the Side and this Month hopely will also be new Online "revolto.de" - my own Homepage as Onlineshop and with different Links up to Steady.de and Facebook.com and up to LInkedIn.de and Xing.de - Hopely will correct to get on every Side there along !! There will be new Artices in June, In August, in Octobre and in Decembre just ever two Sorts of new Pressups along !! Just goin up along on more and more Articles up there along !! Just Posters, Postcards, Stickers, Bags and Noticeblocks and also two Sorts of Pens !! That will be the Sortiment up on 20 Stickersorts - just on 10 Postersorts, and 10 Postcards and 10 Sorts of Bags and 20 Sorts of Noticeblocks along and then two Sorts of Pens with Slogans and Phonenumber along !! Just feel free to visit the Sides by Time!! Just back to the Webinars - there will only be what You wanna learn - individuell for Everyone in Themes along and just ever with Books along for gettin the lesson all up out of professionell Learninbooks with many many Picturs along !1 Just write me on at "bodymodbyseb@outlook.de" or Phone me under 049-172-9265888 just to book up Your personell Skype-Webinars - Just payable to my Paypalaccount and for One Month in Forcass - Me will just send up the Bill to Your Paypaladress and You´ll pay along then - Everytime for One Month along !! And then gettin up Dates from Monday to Friday of 14.00 up to 20.00 oclock just one Hour along - Possible also to book Doublelessons as well !! Just the first Questions then - 1. What are You drawing right now??  2. What are You still able to draw?? 3.  What do You wanna learn to draw along ?? What are Your favorites Themes - What comes then along?? - just as this is spoken up we may start to make na Webinar !! Just feel free to ask for it !1 Just 049-172-9265888 from 14.00 up to 20.00 oclock Mondays to Fridays along !!

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