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RedBowDog Berlin is creating families, by connecting homeless dogs to loving homes.
by Daniel

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Meet Annie... Annie was once a sweet puppy on the streets of Bucharest, until she was scooped up by workers of a public (kill) shelter. Kept in a dirty jail cell, Annie became more afraid, she was almost certainly mistreated, and to this day momentarily shows scars of fear in her eyes. This awful 'kill shelter' was Annies hellish reality until it shut down. The workers at the (government funded) kill shelter decided not to pay the nominal cost to euthanise the remaining 60 dogs, but instead locked them in a room and left them to die. Only 30 dogs survived. Annie was one of them. Annie was saved by Linda, one of our amazing rescuers in Romania, and from there came to foster in Berlin. Slowly, over months of loving rehabilitation, Annie came back to life. She is now happy, loved, adopted and she is thriving. It was from there, Red Bow Dog Berlin, began. 

We are a small team of 100% volunteers, working with a network of shelters and rescuers in Romania to help to re-home dogs in Berlin. Our rescuers are overwhelmed with dogs, abandoned, left for dead or in public kill shelters where their fate, without us, is sealed. Each day we work to find dogs homes, creating space in rescue so that more can be saved. We launched as an Instagram page in April 2020 and have since homed over 300 dogs into amazing, loving homes, but sadly, our work is never done. 

We receive no government funding, and adoption fees only cover the preparations to travel, and transport of the one adopted dog. This means that all other costs are paid for by the rescuers themselves. They constantly reach into their pockets to cover the costs of often very expensive medical care, food and shelter for the unending stream of dogs they rescue. One of our rescuers has recently had to take a night job to pay for the care of her shelter dogs. Working as a rescuer is a full time job. It is hard, emotionally draining, impossibly sad but rewarding work. Our current setup is not sustainable. The poorest people among us, the rescuers in Romania, who do the hard physical and emotional work of actual rescue, will not any longer struggle to cover the bills of dogs. On Steady, our goal is to raise €5000 per month to cover the basic running costs for each of the four shelters in Romania, and whatever medical care we can cover with the rest, we constantly have emergency cases to help and pay for. With your support, we know that we can reach our goal, save countless lives and create more happy rescue stories by bringing homeless dogs to you. 

If you cannot rescue, please consider joining and helping dogs in need. Even the smallest contribution can make a big difference.

Thank you <3