To Naye Ayla - @nayeayla Naye Ayla is a South African musician, who's aroused my curiosity into neo soul. Recently, she released her album titled 'Every Feeling' and as the title suggests she has captured in her music exceptionally. The album unfolds with full bodied sounds of jazz, afro, R&B and soul fused into an extraordinary body of work. She captures being as live as possible with her vocals and she allows the listener to be captivated through sounds off blue notes, guitar chords and rhythmic notes. Her music ranges from being upbeat, joyful and boom bap(y) to natural and melodious, the album is satisfying and her voice brings so much taste into the art. At no point do you worry about whether or not you will resonate with her or her with you, or what pattern she is carrying because it feels as though it was created for you. She brings attention and light to so many issues that we face on a daily; romance, uncertainty, self doubt and fear and pulls you into a space where all of that is expressed but it is not above you, ngumgowo but you come back, its the basement but its not permanent. I am constantly smothered with songs of healing and self discovery, verses filled with emotional support and encouragement, every single lyric is telling, telling to the point it's almost as if she knew my deepest thoughts or that we are best friends constantly taking words out of my mouth. That is how I feel about "Every Feeling" from the first right down to the last song. Naye has a very strong mature personality that even as she speaks about her vulnerability in some of her songs you appreciate the way she pierces her emotions around a variation of symphonies, it's her being relatable with so much poise for me, its how she got me crying in the club for me, its her making a fan out of me, it's everything for me. Finally, the album is an experience, a work of art. I may sound like I am over exaggerating but I am not lying, it does not get boring after a few listens, the value of the album to me is that off a collectors item, and I speak for quite a number of people when I say, it is unforgettable.