Simmy - Tugela Fairy Made Of Stars

As one of the young faces of afro pop , Simmy has brought through an enchanting 16-track album that feels like the blossoming of a fairy tale. She has brought a breath of fresh air to modern Afro-house with a notable touch of Umbaqanga, Neo-soul, RnB fused into this album. Simmy narrates a story of love,adventure and self discovery with pianos, percussion,acoustic guitars, kwaito, tribal and deep house meshed into her compelling poignant lyrics and smooth vocals. Simmy establishes a real place and a real story by making each song like paging through a book, a book that you already know (we all know how fairy tales start and end) and then she progresses into the abstract , taking the listener along. We are all aware by now that Simmy not only is spellbinding with her lyrics but when she hits a chorus its nothing short of being catchy and the opportunity to sing along is not missed. Each song is worth noting, but standouts include Hamba Ngifike a song with the incredible Ami Faku singing about knowing where theirs lovers are and that they would travel as far Ferry and Imonti to be with them. The transition and timing of each singer is impeccable, and their vocals and ability to hum and harmonise together is undeniable. Emakhaya featuring Da Capo and Sun-El Musican is already a hit perfect for those drives and listening sessions speaking about "there is nothing put before you, that you can't do" moving forward is better than moving backwards "vel'ubheke phambili" is not only an emotionally stimulating and encouraging track but highly relatable. One of the most notable things about Simmy is how she sampled the likes of Malaika's ''Destiny'', Cyndi Lauper’s ‘Time After Time’ and Lipps Inc’s ‘Funkytown’ into songs like 'we were here and ''stay with you''. already she shows us how she has grown as an artist and I have to say her musical ear is one of her many God-given talents (she actually did the "intro" of the album played the piano herself, highly greatful for the lullaby Simmy) There isn't another album like this. Again Simmy has given us an abundance of music. She snapped