"Force To Be Reckoned With" FTBRW is luminous, clear, confident and lively. Each track in the album has an experience to share, listening to songs like All Of Me don't only sound amazing but they carry relatable content. Listeners will enjoy her confidents and the plush mouthfeel the albums brings. Thando blends the albums imagery with her delicate and multi layered vocals seamlessly and beautifully. The balance of the composition with the positioning of song titles, lyrics and story telling is in wonderful harmony. The songstress sets the tone of her presence. The EP is compact yet expansive, she opens with "Force To Be Reckoned With", The meaning of the song clearly explained in the chorus "I’m a force to be reckoned with" in which Thando teases her natural, unique voice, sliding and hovering over a slow droning synth and smooth snapping beat. In less than two minutes she demonstrates an ability to write moving, intricate lyrics. The talent is nurtured throughout the album. First In Line muses on a relationship that is on the brink of ending where now an ultimatum has to be made if there is no change in the way she is loved the door is open to leave. The musicality is fairly mellow, lyrically it is introspective, Thando seeing that this isn't at all what she signed up for, being put at the tail end. Do You Want Me Too is minimal, but the listening experience is maximised by her backing vocals, she reitterates "do you want me to come over?" the the meek lover now calling the shots "boy its up to you are you gonna come through or am I just gonna to have to find another lover to replace you?" BOLD. Weak is more nostalgic and One More Night a fast paced disco/pop song, one thing is for sure Thando knows how to write a stunning RnB/Pop album, its quite clear she belongs with the best. I want more