Daliwonga -Chameleon

Groove isn't complete if no one is chanting ''akulalwa" and that is how Daliwonga chose to introduce us to Chameleon a 13 song, 86 minute minute Amapiano album. Released on the 20th of November it is no coincidence that the soundtracks are for Dezember, ndithi wenaa log drums, signature shakers,staple keys and most enchantingly his voice. An album so stacked with bangers that there won't be room for the other genres to be played at groove. Daliwonga is at his finest in this album, uncompromised, highliting his strengths as an artist, his lyrics are more experimental than before, because it is an Amapiano project the balance lies in having terse and vigorously expressive lyrics at the same time letting the instrumental convey the rest of the message, Chameleon is just that, effective, thanks to the infectious hooks and empowering lyrics. Daliwonga launches the album with 'Gumba Fire', the track does perfectly set the mood for the rest of the record with its afro-jazz atmosphere, raw vocals and exquisite melodies coming from Daliwonga,Madumane and M Keyz. It is one of those tracks that lets you in on the magic of Amapiano a little bit more with every listen, Gumba Fire serves as a reminder that wherever you are ''akulalwa (we don't sleep)'' after the prompt vocals Kabza does he's superlative work. Chameleon is way more than just Daliwonga affirming his position in the industry, he has created a soundscape that will not fail him in projects to come, lyrics and production are the major gestures of this album, he is movable and authentic in his lyrics giving up his greatest melodic progressions. easily he's most mature, and most intrepid move in his career. Notable songs are "Menemene" ft ( Focalistic) already with this feature it will be a grandulous track, "Phatha "Phatha, yes he samples Miriam Makeba's song, eccentric as it has always been, "Crash into Me" with the lovely Sha Sha is brilliance at its best, Sha Sha took center stage here, "Tell Me" is my favorite song on the album it is about love where be begs his partner to tell him what she wants "tshela mina sthandwa sam ukuthi ufunani, yonk'into izoba right izoba tasty" he promises And so we groove..