Yanga Chief - Pop Star

When it comes to the dynamic wave of Hip Hop, the answer to the question of 'who's up next" is in fact Yanga Chief. Pop Star is an album that reaffirms his stance in the music industry as permanent, Yanga has shown us that we're in fact in good hands and superstardom is what he has catapulted himself into, everything beyond his immediate orbit will shine bright for years to come. The sheer confidence and comfortability in Yanga's voice throughout the album is evident that there is no rust collecting in his spirit, his bars are polished, his singing is excellent and still, variety is the spice of life. Yanga is giving plenty of runway for the lyrics to be center stage on Pop Star. The creative process is more organized and thought out, allowing Yanga to do all the things he’s good at, while embellishing his delivery with better concepts and rhyme schemes a variety of flows with a sort of finness, his caliber as an artist is rapidly growing. He plays his chief role on —Ndiyabanika speaking on ungavimbi abantu, uyabatyisa ( freely giving to those who asks with no greed). The intro track FIFA  features Langa Mavuso the duo share a cinematic experience from the very beginning where we are brought into the story of Yanga's life, lamenting about the struggles of the industry, his personal fears and how he has overcome '' Demons in the frame but it’s all God blessed, And even with the pen, I'm making more progress" he remarks.  Likewise, the majestic 'Note To Self'' takes listeners on a trip in Yanga's shoes where we hear him speaking about taking priority over his life no matter how difficult the challenge is, he is capable, through failure as well, to never to give up. He flows nimbly over the bouncy Khulula with a catchy hook '' khulula khulula, dubula dubula, khuluma khuluma"' a certified jump for groove wherever. There is no weak link on this project, Pop Star lacks not in anthems - songs like Touch The Sky, Manelo, Mkwenyana and Ngubani Lo define the album's excellence and memorability. Songs like Fort Hare and BBAF are one of his danceable records, Chief adds his signature adlibs to play clean up. Pop Star is a modern classic. Siyabulela dyan