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New traffic data for your Steady project

Find out how users interact with your Steady page. Now we provide you with an overview of your traffic while respecting your visitors’ privacy

How many people visit your Steady page and how are your posts received by your community? Now you can get a precise answer on the new traffic page in your publisher backend. There, we provide you with detailed information on how your Steady project is being used.

The information is being collected as of now, so there is no data from before today. Also, the data is only shown for projects with at least three members or ten newsletter subscribers.

For the traffic page we’re using Plausible, an open source software from the EU. We chose Plausible because it does not collect personal data and therefore meets GDPR regulations. All data is collected in aggregated form only. The privacy of your site visitors is completely preserved and it does not require cookies, meaning your visitors do not even need to agree to using cookies in order for it to run.

Information about user behaviour can improve your work enormously: For example, you can find out how your content is received and then adapt it to the needs of your community. Or you can check where your traffic comes from, for example Instagram, Twitter or Google.

All the numbers you need for publishing

Didn’t major in statistics? Don't worry: the traffic page is not only very informative but also very easy to understand. It contains everything you need to know as a publisher, without all the extras that aren’t relevant to your work.

At the top of the overview, a graph appears showing your Steady page’s traffic over time. In addition, you can see the following metrics:

  • the number of unique visitors
  • the total number of page views
  • the bounce rate (this is simply the proportion of visitors who only visit a single page), and
  • the average duration of a visit to your Steady page (“visit duration”)

An example of a publisher's traffic data.

Below this there are four more sections:

  • Top sources: the websites from which your site visitors come to you
  • Top pages: how often individual pages of your Steady project are accessed
  • Countries: the number of visitors per country, and
  • Devices: which devices your visitors use

Each section provides you with more detailed information. You can also set the time period you are interested in, switch to real-time tracking or set filters. Take a look around your new traffic page now.

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