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Hola! Bonjour! Guten Tag! Salve! Hello! to all our supporters <3

Welcome to our #9th No-Nonsense Newsletter. The newsletter where we give you all of our team recommendations. Can you even believe that it's already August? Summer is almost over and autumn is around the corner. How exciting!

💋 We've some fun recs for you this week! 💋



BOOK: Watching Women & Girls by Danielle Pender. I did a talk with Danielle earlier this week about our books, and her collection of short stories hasn’t left my mind since I put it down. The narratives are varied by all tied together by the gaze women are subjected to and also that we subject to others. Also it’s short stories which is fab for moi as I often find fiction harder to get into. Read it!! 

IG ACCOUNT: @90steenmagazinearchiveuk (Opens in a new window)

Absolutely obsessed so nostalgia ridden but also top tier layout content for any zine girlies reading!


FILM: Not Okay! Watched this with my partner the other night and thought it was gas loooooool. It's so cringe, so awful and so good. I loved it. Dylan O'Brien is fucking crazy in this movie. 

TV: Under The Banner of Heaven. I binged this in like 2 days when I was really anxious and wooooooow. It might not seem like the kind of show you watch when your anxious but it was what I needed. Such an interesting deep dive into Mormon fundamentalists and it's a true story. Also love you so much Andrew Garfield.

MUSIC: Surrender by Maggie Rodgers. Me and my best pal Zara love Maggie and her new album is just so brilliant. Can't recommend it enough. 


TV: I just finished Barry and it was unreal television, a good blend of funny and serious and just shocking haha. I think I recommended this last time but now I've finished it, I recommend it even more. Give Bill Hader an Emmy!

MUSIC: has to be RENAISSANCE, obviiiii.

BOOKS: I've been reading Ghost Lover by Lisa Taddeo and honestly, she's one of my fav writers ever. This one is a short story collection which I think is way better for modern day attention spans. Or at least mine anyway haha.


TV: the bear has spawned 1000s of think pieces about how chefs are hot (duhhhhhhh) but it deserves every single one. one of the best things I’ve watched on tv in such a long time. uncut gems levels of stress at times but it’s such an accurate depiction of what working in hospitality is like. sound design n soundtrack are phenomenal. fallen in love with jeremy allen white too, dishevelled fuckboi chef of my dreams (and nightmares) 👨‍🍳💋

MUSIC: haven’t stopped listening to steve lacy’s new album gemini  rights since it came out. perfect summer album with sultry sexy tunes and gorgeous 70s production vibes. such a beautiful talented man!!!

C ya soooon 🥰


Halima ❤️


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