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Is The Martini Comeback Another Symbol of Quiet Luxury?

Hey dolls!

Happy Friday! This week we’ve been thinking about the resurgence of the Martini and how it intersects with culture’s obsession with “quiet luxury.” Elsewhere, we’re talking angst, and the art of Elena Garrigola, so dive in with us!

Fetishisation, Fallacies and Unattainable Fantasies: The World Is Failing Female Addicts (Opens in a new window)

Anna Wolfe writes about the assumptions and stereotypes often applied to female addicts.

Angst Is For The Girls: Exploring How Existentialism Shapes the Adolescence of Women (Opens in a new window)

Anesu Hwenga explores the portrayal of angst in media about teen girls, from 10 Things I Hate About You to Daria.

TISSUE PAPER is the Anthology Spotlighting the Contradictory, Fun Side of the Trans Experience (Opens in a new window)

We speak to Sam Moore and Donna Marcus Duke tell us about their new anthology which spotlights trans writers.

Art Rookie: Abject Women, Feminine Beauty and the Art of Elena Garrigola (Opens in a new window)

For this month’s Art Rookie column, Zara Aftab explores Kristeva, abjection, and Elena Garrigola.

The Martini is Back: How the Cocktail Is Reflective of the Quiet Luxury Trend (Opens in a new window)

And finally, Madison Jamar writes on the return of the Martini and what it tells us about how we luxuriate now.

See ya next week!


The Polyester Team <3


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