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Tadaaaa! Episode 1 is launched!

photo: violet oil beetle (Meloe violaceus)

I still can't believe it, but it just happened (at 37,5°C!): Now the "real" podcast started (after episode 0 as an intro and one of the small and irregular "precuts" = blog posts).

Listen to episode 1 HERE (Opens in a new window) or at platforms like Google, Spotify & Stitcher (as it was uploaded right now, it will take some time that the feed is updated everywhere).

EP 01: The Mess We Hate And The Beauty Of Brambles

Travel  with NatureMatchCuts through times and spaces, and follow me deep into the brambles: Meet a pugnacious Madonna in the bushes and a sensitive Triceratops at breakfast. A beautiful creature fights against a garden of horror and teaches us more laziness. We look at hedges while having  our perspective changed by a dog. Reconnect with nature with my scripted podcast between Nature Writing and science.

If you like it: recommend it, share it without restraint!

If you want to support my work, you can become a member of our community here on Steady! You can become a springtail, a brimstone, a leaf cutter ant and even mycorrhiza - just choose your favourite plan.

Find very information about NatureMatchCuts on my Website (Opens in a new window)

Thank you so much for every motivation and especially for listening!

Kind regards from the French Nature Park Vosges du Nord,


PS: Much in podcasting is learning by doing for me. So I apologise again that I had to postpone this episode one week because of construction machines in front of my studio. Next time I would work at night, but the heatwave exhausts me too much ... so I sleep at night.

I still have to solve the entry to Apple. Unfortunately, it's more complicated than I thought, especially as they don't give any error messages. Some hosters get you in there automatically, but that costs a lot of money every month, which I don't have. And my hoster belongs to Apple's competition. But it would be a laugh if I didn't solve this problem one day. So sorry to all Apple users at the moment!


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