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Episode 1 is out on 4 August!

I have never had to postpone an important release date in my life. I feel accordingly bad about it.

Episode 1 of my podcast NatureMatchCuts (Opens in a new window) will, unfortunately, be released later, on 4 August, due to unforeseen circumstances. I have an extremely loud construction site in front of the studio, so I can't record this week.

The podcast episode was almost in the can. There were just a few small details of language and short texts to be re-read. Unfortunately, the sounds are so loud despite the closed windows that I can't delete them from the recordings. One would be jolted by machines or get a stone saw in the ear with every newly mounted scene.

At first, I wanted to record at night. But even there ... my dog had a bad flea attack, yesterday we went to the vet and today it's time for cleaning and washing blankets. I need the nights to sleep.

I want the first episode to meet my high-quality standards. So I apologise for the extraordinary postponement. I am truly sorry. I hope you will still be following me!

Until next week you can listen to episode 0 and a blog post on my website (Opens in a new window).

Thank you for your understanding!


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