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Trumpets: The Podcast is Launched

For all who waited so patiently: NatureMatchCuts - the podcast reconnecting you with nature (Opens in a new window) - is launched (at the end of June). Just go to the website in this link where you can listen directly or find your favourite platforms (still waiting for Apple and others) to subscribe to the podcast feed. You know, subscribing to such a feed is like food for podcasters, so we know that we don't produce into the void.

The famous Zero episode gives you a feeling of the sound and tells you about the motivation, the goals, and me. And the beetles under my bed when I was a child. (Opens in a new window)

Episodes are published monthly, every last Thursday of a month.

Then I thought I'd blog a bit in between. But somehow, I can't keep it short. And maybe you are like me: I don't like to stare at the screen and read long texts all day. So I like it when you can listen to them while doing something else. Now I have the hardware and software to record!

This is how the Precuts - thoughts between episodes - came about. Wild, diverse, and appearing irregularly. If you have problems understanding spoken English, you can also read the texts with a translation programme.

Find the text of the first Precut in my NatureMatchCuts Blog. (Opens in a new window) There's a button for listening. Or just go to your podcast platform and choose the NatureMatchCuts Podcast. Or listen here: (Opens in a new window)

In Precut One I talk about one of my childhood role models, Dr Jane Goodall and what we can learn about her perseverance and ideas for solutions. It is a text about two very different feelings of smallness and how we could overcome the frustrating one for coming into action.

A Child's Play?

Someone recently said on Twitter that nowadays, everyone does a podcast and that it would be child's play to just yak into a microphone. I laughed and thought of the class I had taken. Our teacher said: "Anyone can make a podcast. But very few are still doing it by episode 3."

I can confirm: It's da.m.n hard work. Talking may be the least of it unless the neighbour is playing with the leaf blower again. For editing, I listen to the 20 minutes for the audience countless times. In snippets, because I delete every careless mouse click, every noise when the computer ventilates against the heat. The slips of the tongue, recently even a burp. Embarrassing. The stomach should not be too full when speaking, but not empty either. If it rumbles with hunger, I have to record again. Because a sensitive microphone also picks that up very clearly. All this is fun work!

Most complicated for me is the planning and doing of social media communication. It is a profession itself, and I can't double myself. I have to be many! And as "everybody has a podcast", people have to find it! Plus blogging and editorial plans.

I decided on a scripted podcast because you usually only get the exciting interview partners when you have already made a name for yourself. Scripted podcasts are, next to radio features, the most demanding. They are written (for me, it is a foreign language). But it's a completely different kind of writing than an article because it has to seem spoken. Because you hardly "turn the page back", the inner logic is also structured differently. I've long been sitting on the episode that will be published at the end of July.

I am telling you all this so that you understand why I took all the time I needed to prepare, even if some thought I was doing nothing (hahaha).

At the same time, I have even more ideas (and always too little time).

You have seen that you can support my work with money. As a thank you, later there will be - also in irregular order - members-only blogposts. Practical instructions, contemplations, and help for a change of perspective, which we need so much to find solutions. It's not easy to get to grips with changing our paradigm of nature. I once got an exercise when I was writing: Imagine you are a pizza. Describe the last 15 minutes of your life. In nature, it's even more complicated: cheese alone is an ecosystem.

If you want to support my work just choose one of the plans here on Steady and hear a big thank you coming from my heart!

Find every information about the NatureMatchCuts Podcast & Blog on (Opens in a new window) 

There you also see the distribution platforms - at the moment it's Spotify (+Anchor), Google and Stitcher. I hope that Apple will react soon, other platforms will follow.


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