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NMC is the adventure of changing perspectives. Reconnecting you with nature. Giving you a sense of belonging in a time of transition.
by Petra

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Listen to inspiring stories from the intersections of science and nature writing, cultural knowledge and art!

In a confusing and challenging time of crisis and multiple transitions, we need to overcome the obstacles on our way to solutions and change: our anthropocentric and disconnected view of life.

You can make the difference:

Reconnecting to nature means love and compassion, means sensing our kinship, our connections with the more-than-human life.

Only if we feel connected to our natural and social environments, we can find and implement solutions because we are driven to protect what we love from the bottom of our hearts.

NATURE MATCH CUTS (Opens in a new window) is a one-woman show. I am a journalist, book-writer, artist and nature-lover, broadcasting directly from the nature park "Vosges du Nord" in Eastern France with its richness of landscapes and historical finds.

Your contribution helps me to fully focus on my podcast and the Nature Match Cuts community. This includes many aspects of my professional work: from hardware and software for the studio to specialised research, travel, scripting and editing, production, PR and social media.

Please support this adventure of changing perspectives, of building connections based on empathy and compassion, thrilled by the beauty and inner richness of our fellow beings. 

Your support makes me happy and motivates me to keep going - thank you very much!

Enjoy an inspiring time with me!

Yours, Petra

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