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Sitting With A Tree - Transcript

You don't necessarily have a podcast handy in the forest. And maybe you should switch off your smartphone for focusing.

Therefore, supporters of my podcast, get a little extra: the transcript of episodes/parts with practical instructions. Producing a podcast is very time-consuming and it costs money. So, this is my way of saying thank you for your valuable support for my work! 

Now and then there will be episodes or parts of episodes that will inspire you to discover something in nature for yourself. Like this time in episode 2: Sitting With A Tree - or that exercise for your perception from Creative Writing. It may be easier to prepare yourself with the written text. You might also like to put the text into a translation machine to understand it better in another mother tongue. So, here it comes!

All texts (C) by Petra van Cronenburg, all rights reserved.
Note: This is a transcript
before recording, there could be slight variations to the final podcast and mistakes.

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