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Bestselling author Sibylle Berg switches from Der Spiegel to Steady

The writer and playwright Sibylle Berg is moving their column from Spiegel to Steady. 

In their column "Sibylle Berg regelt das (Opens in a new window)” (Sibylle Berg gets it done), the bestselling author will publish "good-humoured texts, hope-giving poems, interviews and monologues." The column will also be sent as a newsletter.

Subscribing to the newsletter is free of charge, but those who wish to support Sibylle Berg’s work can do so with a membership on Steady: membership plans are available from €5 a month (Opens in a new window). From €7.50, members receive exclusive additional content such as unpublished material, sometimes read aloud by the author.

Sibylle Berg is one of the best-known contemporary authors in the German-speaking world. Their latest novel, Grime, spent 25 weeks on European bestseller lists and won the Swiss Book Prize.

Thousands of writers, podcasters, independent magazines, and content creators use Steady to support their work. By switching to Steady, writers not only gain more journalistic independence, but also control over which work is free and which is reserved for paying members.

Or, as Sibylle Berg puts it:

"Publishers are bought and sold, publishers cut costs on culture. Publishing? I can do that myself!”

Sibylle Berg describes their move to Steady as "a continuation of the Spiegel column with modern means. Only at Steady it continues with: Animal pictures, hope, humour and spoken words. Freedom from publishing houses! Freedom for Sibylle Berg! Follow me on Steady and read my columns. Hear my loving words. See my stunning animal photos and become a part of the great movement: Sibylle Berg gets it done!"

Tina Dingel, CEO of Steady: "We are proud to make an important contribution to the work of independent media and creative professionals at Steady. Since 2016, we have been working on a better ecosystem for creators and memberships are the best way to achieve this. Today, we are the largest European membership platform. But we still have a lot to do. I am all the more pleased that Sibylle Berg has joined this great movement."

About Steady

Steady is the largest membership platform in Europe, with 34 employees, 180,000 paying members and 1,700 creators. Among them are gal-dem and the Quietus from the UK, Krautreporter from Germany, Louie Media from France and Slow News from Italy. In 2019, Steady was awarded the European Digital Media Award in the category "Best Paid Content Strategy" alongside "The Guardian.”

Steady was founded in 2016 to enable creators to access independent financing for their projects through their communities, for a more diverse media landscape. Founded by Sebastian Esser, Philipp Schwörbel, Dirk Holzapfel, Manuel Kallenbach and Gabriel Yoran, today it is led by Dr. Tina Dingel. (Opens in a new window)

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