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Templates for a 30-day trial campaign: Turn newsletter subscribers into paying members

Run a 30-day membership trial for your subscribers using our handy email & social templates

Converting newsletter subscribers to paying members is the end goal for a lot of creators on Steady, as it paves a secure financial future for your work.

A 30-day membership trial gives your subscribers the chance to see what your membership programme is all about – and nudges them to sign up for good! 

🤓 Success story: How Maja doubled her paid membership numbers with a 30-day trial (Opens in a new window)

Haven't run a 30-day trial before? No worries! It's as simple as flicking a switch. Here's how to enable your 30-day trial (Opens in a new window).

Once you've set up your trial, it's time to spread the word. Below are 4 email templates you can use to promote a 30-day membership trial campaign to your newsletter subscribers. At the bottom of the document we’ve included some examples of social media copy you can use to spread the word, too.

Email 1

[subject line] Become a supporter with our free trial membership!

Hi [X],

First of all, thank you for joining us and [project name] on our adventures!

Would you like to support us even more? For the next 2 [4] weeks, we are offering a free trial month for our exclusive membership plans!

[CTA with link] Try a free membership now

This will give you a chance to experience the exclusive content we produce for our members every week [every month].

We look forward to seeing you there!

Best wishes,

[Your sign-off]

Email 2

[subject line] Sneak Peek: Here's what you get in our free membership trial

Hi [X],

This is a quick reminder that until [date], we’re offering a free, 30-day trial membership!

Members enjoy exclusive access to articles like:

  • [Short introduction to your last 3 posts]

All membership content is exclusive for our members as a thank you for their support. Want to join them?

[CTA with link] Sign up for a free membership

Try it out – we look forward to seeing you there!

Best wishes,

[Your sign-off]

Email 3

[subject line] Fancy a look behind the scenes?

Hi [X],

No matter how long you've been following [project name], you’re probably curious about what goes on behind the scenes. We offer a backstage pass in the form of our membership programme – and you can still get it for free in the trial month!

[CTA with link] Try our free membership now

Exclusive member content is waiting for you to take a peek.

Best wishes,

[Your sign-off]

Email 4

[subject line] You can still become a member for free!

Hi [X],

There's not much time left: Our 30-day trial memberships are only available until [date].

Sign up while you still have the chance! At the end of the trial month you can then decide whether you want to support us long-term.

Exclusive members-only posts and content are waiting for you.

[CTA with link] Discover our exclusive content now

Thanks so much for your support.

Best wishes,

[Your sign-off]

Social media copy templates

  • Always wanted to know what's going on in our club? Sign up now for a trial membership and get 30 days free access to our exclusive content!

  • Know someone who thinks we're great, too? Tag them now and spread the word: This month we're offering a free 30-day trial membership for exclusive content like [give examples].

  • Your free backstage pass: Sign up for a free trial membership this month and access exclusive content for 30 days.

  • Did you notice? Until [date] you can sign up for a free 30-day trial membership – exclusive content included.

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