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How to run a discount campaign for trial members (templates included!)

Follow up on your 30-day trial campaign with a membership discount offer

So you've given your fans a taste of what's good with a 30-day trial? (If not, we suggest you give it a try (Opens in a new window)). Now it's time to sweeten the deal.

Follow up on your campaign by offering your trial members a discount.

To do this, simply create a new membership plan (Opens in a new window) with a lower price. Then make the plan hidden (Opens in a new window) so that only those with the link can access it. You may also like to make the discount available for a limited time only, to drive sales – here's how to limit the time period of your membership plan (Opens in a new window).

Below are 4 email templates you can use to build more momentum and encourage your subscribers to sign up as paying members, using your discount.

Email 1

[subject line] We have some bad news and some good news 🤫

Hello [X],

Here’s the bad news first: our free trial membership promotion is unfortunately over. But, we were overwhelmed by the number of people who took us up on the offer. That's why we have an extra surprise for you.

So here's the good news: until [date], we're giving new members [x]% off all plans! Here are the available options:

[membership plans displayed with the old and new prices]

If you take out a membership now, you are guaranteed it at the lower price for the entire duration of the membership.

This means that you’ll have access to our exclusive members-only content for a great price, and we will have your support. That's a win-win!

Warm wishes,

Your team from [project name]

PS: If you have friends who are also fans of ours, please tell them about our promotion – it's valid until [date] 😊

Email 2

[subject line] There are no second chances in life (except when there are)

Hello [X],

Here it is. Your second chance. Unfortunately, you missed our free trial membership. But you still have the chance to support us and save money.

If you sign up before [date], we'll give you x% off all membership plans. And the best part is: The discount is not only valid once, but for as long as you remain a member!

[membership plans displayed with the old and new prices]

Do something that benefits both yourself and us by becoming a supporter! This will enable us to produce even more exciting projects,  and, as a thank you, we will provide you with lots of exclusive members-only content.

We look forward to welcoming you into the club!

With the very best regards

Your team from [name of project]

PS: Do you know anyone else who follows us? Then let them know! The offer is valid until [date].

Email 3

[subject line] Welcome to the members’ lounge

Hello [X],

It's nice and cosy in here in the members' area, only you are missing! Why don't you come in,  and for a very good price. Until [date], we're still offering x% off on all our membership plans.

[membership plans displayed with the old and new prices]

This price is guaranteed for the entire duration of your membership. We don't want to use the term "once in a lifetime opportunity" lightly now, but how else can we say that it's a really good deal? So, sign up quickly and have fun for a long time with our exclusive members-only content.

[CTA w/ link] Secure a super special price

See you very soon

Your team from [project name]

Email 4

[subject line] x% discount on everything!

Hello [X],

Petrol and gas and pickles. Nothing gets cheaper. Only us.

Because we could all use a pick-me-up this winter, we're giving you x% off all membership plans now! If you register by [date], you're guaranteed the discounted price for the entire duration of your membership.

[membership plans displayed with the old and new prices]

Just give the membership a try – it can always be cancelled on a monthly basis without any hassle. Here’s a taster of our last exclusive posts:

[Short introduction of the last three posts, link leads to the sign-up].

We'd love to see you in our members area.

Until then!

Your team from [name of the project]

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