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Three easy steps to monetising your Instagram followers

Maja Wörner earns 5,600 euros each month for offering cleaning tips on Instagram. It’s time you earned money for your work, too

More than 11,000 people follow cleaning coach Maja a.k.a. @EsWirdNochBesser (Opens in a new window) on Instagram and tune in to watch her tidying up. Now many of them also pay for the privilege, which has allowed her to quit her day job.

Steady offers a simple way to set up a membership programme for your followers and start getting paid for your work. We take care of payment processing so you can get on with doing what you love. And it only takes a couple of minutes to sign up (Opens in a new window).

Here are three simple steps to getting your first paying members:

1. Find out how much you can earn with the 5x5 rule

Let's work out how much you could earn on Steady.

The amount you can earn depends on the size of your community – that's all your followers, plus anyone else who follows your work via newsletter or other social media channels. In our experience, at least five percent of your community is ready and willing to support you, if you make it easy and offer an appealing membership plan.

On Steady, the average member pays 5 euros per month.

To find out how much you can earn, take your follower count and multiply it by 5%, then multiply that by 5 euros. eg. 20,000 followers x 5% x 5 euros = 5000 euros per month. Nice!

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2. Consider the benefits

Motivate your followers to sign up as members by offering exclusive content.

Maja makes use of the Close Friends function on Instagram Stories to distribute her exclusive cleaning content to her paying members. This includes behind-the-scenes content, as well as her most valuable cleaning tips.

Maja saves her Instagram Stories about her membership programme in ehr Highlights, ensuring they keep working to win over new members long after she's posted them.

Identify 2-3 compelling benefits your followers will find hard to resist and now you’ve got yourself three plans (Opens in a new window) with different price levels and benefits, to cater to various members’ needs and budgets.

Don't have time to offer additional content? No worries: Plenty of followers are also happy to pay without receiving anything extra in return – it’s enough for them to know that they’re supporting your work.

3. Promote your new membership program

It’s time to let everyone hear your big news: now your followers can pay to support your work and nab some tasty benefits along the way. Where better to let everyone know than on Instagram? Here’s a quick promotion checklist:

  • Add your Steady page link to your bio so it’s super easy for your fans to sign up

  • Regularly mention your exclusive members’ content on Instagram Stories by giving a sneak peek, or showcasing members’ messages of support and appreciation

  • Highlight these Stories so new followers can quickly find out about your membership program

Every few months you might like to run a campaign to drum up more support. Offer 24-hour trial memberships like Maja so fans can get a peek at your exclusive content – the last time she ran a trial campaign, her member count doubled from 300 to more than 700 paying members.

Ready to start earning money for your work? Get started on Steady now (Opens in a new window).

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