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Issue 13 is Out!

We are really pleased to announce that Issue 13 is out! It should be hitting physical stockist week / commencing and if you are a current subscriber it will be arriving soon! 

Here is a little sneak peak:

Eric Kunsman documents the last surviving payphones in Rochester, New York, a city with high poverty levels. In his accompanying article, Kunsman explores the importance of these payphones, what their loss could mean and how his project inspired him to take action beyond photography.

 Inspired by the dystopian vision of an insect farmer in Blade Runner 2049, photographer Gavin Li goes behind the scenes at Entocycle, a company that farms insects to create sustainable protein.

 Photographing a number of childless men naked and alone in bed, many in a fetal-like position, Denis Felkin explores the much-overlooked male perspective when it comes to not having children.

 Using a combination of Iceland’s surreal natural landscapes and space base-like man-made structures, Serena Dzenis creates fictitious planets in her photographs, inviting us to question whether we have the right to take over another world in the future when we have already dealt out so much damage here on Earth.

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