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 Subscriber Round-Up!

Here is what your fellow subscribers have been up to!

JC Candanedo (Opens in a new window) has a busy May lined up,  on the 7th, he will be presenting work from a multi-disciplinary collaboration (Opens in a new window). And on the 10th, he will start running a series of workshops exploring ethnic identity (Opens in a new window).

Mark Phillips (Opens in a new window) has launched a website dedicated to his Unbroken project - check it out here. (Opens in a new window)

Tessa Bunney's (Opens in a new window)exhibition 'Going to Sand' is on at the Lancaster Maritime Museum until the 3rd of July. Details follow:

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Issue 9 is sold out and now only available for subscribers to read online, limited physical copies of Issue 7 are available as part of our ' Back Issue Bundle' (Opens in a new window).