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A recommendation: The Menu

One of my favorite films of the year is now playing in theaters around the world - check your favorite theater to find showtimes. The Menu, directed by Mark Mylod, starring Ralph Fiennes, Anya Taylor-Joy, Nicholas Hoult, and John Leguizamo is out now. It's such a spicy yet delectable teardown of wealth and privilege, skewering everyone who dares to dine at this over-priced, fancy restaurant on a private island. It's not quite a horror film, more of an intellectual thriller, and I'm glad that it's getting great reviews and most people are enjoying it. Highly recommend watching this film now that it's out. Don't forget to laugh! There's something wickedly amusing and lusciously clever about the script, that is not playing it safe when it comes to being harshly honest about how despicable most of the diners at restaurant Hawthorne are. Of course, that's the point, it's about how wealthy schmucks rarely face their own BS and must confront the truth about their shadiness. Pair this cinematic commentary with a nice wine, and we have a truly unforgettable meal (as a film).

The film invites a dozen guests to dine at a very exclusive restaurant on an island, run by the illustrious perfectionist - Chef Slowik. He serves them a final meal they will never forget. "The satisfaction one can get from watching a film that carefully and intelligently tears down, tears open, and skewers rich people is incomparable. Mark Mylod's The Menu is a sly, extra sharp satire that isn't afraid of offering us some dry-aged humor in addition to all the commentary on haute cuisine and wealthy idiocy. It won't change the world, of course, but it isn't trying to – it just wants us to walk away feeling satisfied that a film dared to tell a story like this. And perhaps remind us to enjoy our food, because this keeps us grounded." Read my full review of the film here: (Opens in a new window) // Even if this doesn't sound like the kind of film you'll enjoy, it's worth a look anyway, as you might discover your new favorite dish here.

For more info on The Menu and how to watch, visit the film's official site (Opens in a new window).

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