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A recommendation: I Carry You With Me

A worthwhile recommendation: I Carry You With Me, directed by Heidi Ewing

Now playing in select theaters in the US! This film hit me hard, really hard. I was caught up in the story and where it was going, but then there's a reveal near the end that just left me in awe. My jaw dropped, I was wiping away tears, such BEAUTY. So much romance, perseverance, humility, tenacity. This is worthwhile story to tell. What a remarkably moving and invigorating tale of two people and their passion - for each other, for life, for food, for love, for family.

I Carry You With Me originally premiered at the 2020 Sundance Film Festival, and was delayed until release this summer. The film is about two young lovers from Mexico struggling to make something of their lives. One of them decides to make his way to New York City and starts a career working in restaurants. The other tries everything to make it to there to reconnect with him. And it's a remarkable journey across years that shows just how important and vital passion is in this world.

For more info, visit the official website: (Opens in a new window)

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