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How To: Get Paid Your Worth

I used to think earning more while doing less was a myth. Spoiler alert: it's not. In a world where the hustle culture is glorified and being 'busy' is seen as a badge of honour, I'd argue it's a fast track to burnout. In April 2021, I trialled a four-day work week for a month for an article I was writing. The result? My productivity increased, my mental health improved, I was earning more, and I was happier. Since then, I've never looked back.

In the 20/21 tax year, my total freelance income was £38,235.75. For 21/22, it was £57,340.00. Not only did working smarter and raising my rates increase my income by almost £20,000, but it also afforded me the resources and creative space to launch my new business, Umara Jewellery.  If I didn't change my approach to how I work and set my rates; Umara would be nothing more than a dream on hold.

Now, I'm sharing five of my top tips to help you to get paid your worth!

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