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Welcome to the BRICKS Magazine alternative learning platform dedicated to navigating everything within the creative industry.

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Class is now in session! Welcome to the BRICKS new alternative learning platform dedicated to navigating everything within the creative industry.

What is BRICKS Magazine?

BRICKS is an independent, queer-led publication available in both print and online. For 6 years, we've been rerouting the intersections between fashion, art and our precarious social systems. Our aim to shine a light and support the individuals that mainstream media too often ignores. We're currently not on salary, but still fund the ideas of our creatives from marginalised backgrounds.

Why build a members-only learning platform?

We recognise there's a dire need for more accessible, alternative education methods. Further education is pricey and we believe everyone deserves access to meaningful, affordable resources and tools regardless of geographical, economical and physical limitations. From our own personal experience of being freelance ourselves and setting up our own businesses, working for yourself can also be lonely, but everyone needs their own support network. Our new platform helps tackle all these issues!

Why sign up?

Currently, only 16% of the creative industry is made up of working-class and low-income people. By becoming a BRICKS paid member, not only will you receive exclusive content to help you navigate your own path within the creative industry, you will also help keep our independent magazine, led by queer and working-class creators alive.

What will I get?

You'll receive weekly content including our Opportunities Board published every Wednesday which lists over 50+ available grants, jobs and freelance roles. You'll also receive alternative creative career and business advice alongside updates on the BRICKS Learner's Podcast featuring special guests and industry experts offering their advice on how to navigate the creative industry today.

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