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Newsletter No 15 - Queen Makeda  

Good morning, afternoon and evening, family,

This is King Kurus, and I'm excited to share the 15th edition of my Black History Buff newsletter with you. I'm incredibly grateful to all of you who sent me kind words and support. We are reaching over 2,350+ people, and the feedback has been amazing! Help grow this community of history lovers by forwarding this to a friend or colleague today.

Featured story: Queen Makeda

Queen Makeda is said to have lived in the 10th century BCE; she was the ruler of the Kingdom of Sheba in what is now present-day Yemen and parts of Ethiopia and possibly Egypt. Her remarkable life is mentioned in the Bible, the Aramaic Targum Sheni, the Quran, and the Ethiopian work known as the Kebra Negast.

In the Quran, she is the only queen mentioned and identified by her position and political authority.

In the Bible, she brings King Solomon lavish gifts and tests his renowned wisdom by giving him a series of riddles to solve. It is also believed that her visit forged an alliance between both their kingdoms, and in the Kebra Nagast, Menelik 1 was the child she bore for him from whom the Ethiopian dynasty claims descent to the present day.

Her reign expanded Ethiopia's territory and Wealth through trading and diplomacy, and she is credited with introducing Christianity (Judaism) to Ethiopia.

There are also speculations that the Book of Songs of Solomon was written by Solomon for her.

Her legacy has lived on to date in Ethiopia, where she is revered as one of the country's greatest queens, and her story continues to inspire women around the World today.

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