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Audio Newsletter 4 - Off Platform!

Good morning, afternoon and evening, family,

This is King Kurus, and I'm excited to share the fourth audio edition of my Black History Buff newsletter with you. I'm incredibly grateful to all of you who reached out with your kind words and support over the last few weeks. We are reaching over 2,350 people currently, and the feedback has been amazing! If you've enjoyed this Newsletter, help grow this community by forwarding it to a friend or colleague today.

Recording summary:

I start this week's recording by saying some thank you’s. I recap the story of Mary Prince and share some of my thoughts on the importance of supporting the creators you love OFF PLATFORM; I also talk about:

  • The Tiktok Ban

  • Digital cotton picking

  • The importance of having our own outlets

Last Weeks Newsletter

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  • Steven Bristow - Thank you for your consistent support and advice

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  • And lastly, Happy Birthday to my baby sister. I love you and thank God for your life XXX 

If I missed anyone, drop me an email, and I'll be sure to get you in next week  :)

This week's featured creator:

Mamadou Ndiaye - Casual Geographic

Looking for a fun and informative way to learn about animals? Look no further than Mamadou Ndiaye's TikTok channel, @mndiaye_97. With 14.7 million followers and counting, Mamadou's hilarious takes on deadly and weird creatures are sure to keep you entertained while you learn. Don't miss out on the fun; check out his content today!

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Recommended Reading:

Bespoke Minds by Cornelia Kianauna

Bespoke Minds is a collection of twelve beautiful poems. These poems range from insightful, highly personal experiences to poems that read like self-affirmations. The poems remind us to embrace our uniqueness, remember our self-worth and step into our power. My favourite poem is Second Class Citizen, with the impactful line, 

“My lips graciously move, but the sound is sealed by oppression.” 

I personally felt that line in my soul, and I feel like anyone from a marginalised background living in England would feel similar. The collection of poems in Bespoke Minds is great for anyone that wants to take a journey to empowerment and self-love.
This review was written by Cleo Brown

You can grab a copy of Bespoke Minds using the link below: (Opens in a new window)

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Thank you for being part of this journey, and I look forward to hearing from you soon!



Today's Newsletter is Sponsored by:

Mall de Melanin - A promotional retail website. Which highlights hundreds of businesses. All of which are of black or brown ownership.

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