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Newsletter No 6 - Black History Month 

Welcome to Newsletter No 6,

Wow, how time flies, it only feels the start of the new year was only yesterday, and here we are already in February, celebrating Black History Month US. 

This might surprise you, but I usually dont do anything extra special for Black History Month. February is typically my quietest time of year. The reason for this is maddening; every February, all the companies that completely ignore the needs of black people all year long suddenly jump on the bandwagon and drown out the voices of those who do the work regularly. This sad state of affairs used to frustrate me, but I'm resigned to it now. I will keep doing what I've been doing daily since 2017, and that's sharing the stories that the world forgets about.

Since we last spoke, I've shared posts about:

  • Daisy Lampkin

  • David Adjaye

  • Enolia McMillain and Flo Jo.

You can check those out on Instagram (Opens in a new window) and Tiktok (Opens in a new window).

In between making my social posts, I have been busy working on the Ancient Egypt course, which is becoming a bit of a beast. I initially started off with the idea of it being nothing more than a short introduction to the topic; well, that introduction quickly turned into three parts, which ballooned into five and now stands at nine; count them nine sections. If you are interested in what those sections are, I'll add some pictures of them at the bottom of the email.

Before I continue, thank you to the nine people who joined this newsletter; I appreciate you allowing me into your inbox and giving me some precious time. Time is the one resource we cannot get any more of, so I am eternally grateful that you chose to share some of your most precious resource with me. 

Speaking of resources, I also want to thank everyone for supporting me on my membership platform Steady. For your support, you will get full access to my Ancient Egypt course/series when it drops, as well as ad-free podcast episodes and any other goodies I can come up with. Without your support, I couldn't do what I do, and your contributions help me to keep as many resources as accessible as I can. If you'd like to join, you can do so by pressing the button below:

And on the topic of accessible resources, this is the last week that the Equiano Book will be accessible through the links in my Bio; if you still want it for now, you can email me directly; however, I am working on creating some form of the shared drive where I can make these types of resources accessible to members and newsletter subscribers (for a limited time). Currently, it looks like this:

Eventually, I'd like it to look more like this:

However, it's early days. I'll share more info about this when things are more advanced. 

Over the next few weeks, expect to see posts about:

  • A set of African American Siamese Twins

  • One of the Tallest women in the world

  • A wrestler who fought for civil and worker's rights

And much, much more. If you have any suggestions for posts or podcast episodes, you'd like me to create or run a business and would like to sponsor a post, reach out to me at this email address.

Anyway, enjoy BHM, and I will speak to you all again soon,



As promised, below are some images about the course :) 

Oh, and once again, if you'd like to support my work, just hit the button.

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