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Newsletter No 1 - Each One Teach One 

One of the earliest uses of the phrase "each one teach one" is found during slavery, when having an education or learning to read was a death sentence. The system worked relentlessly to keep those enslaved ignorant about anything beyond their immediate circumstances. When an enslaved person gained new knowledge beneficial to the group, it became their duty to teach someone else, spawning the phrase "each one teach one".

This call to action has continued until today, with each subsequent generation picking up the baton of responsibility to educate the next.

And that brings me to this newsletter. I started the Black History Buff project to educate my son and teach him about himself and his heritage before the world did.

But it's become much more. It's become a vehicle to empower our communities with the knowledge of our past and present. To give us strength when faced with continued injustices and to help us realise the impossible is indeed possible.

So it is with great pleasure that I bring you this newsletter in addition to the podcast (Opens in a new window) and social media sites (Opens in a new window).

In it, we will be covering little-known figures and episodes from Black history. We will explore fascinating stories, old and new. We will also provide links to further reading to deepen your knowledge.

Our goal is to provide you with fresh and interesting content each week in the same each one teach one tradition of our ancestors.

We believe that understanding our past can help us understand our present and shape our future.

We are proud to share this knowledge with you and look forward to sending you our weekly newsletter.

We hope you enjoy it!


King kurus & The Black History Buff Team

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