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Newsletter No 3 - An Exciting Year Ahead

Dear Black History Buffs,

Welcome back from your festive break. I hope you had a wonderful time with your loved ones, no matter how you spent it.

For once, I had a proper rest from the daily grind of work. I spent quality time reading, playing with my children and stuffing my face with food.

I read some fantastic books and will be sharing some short reviews across my social platforms.

Speaking of social platforms, over the break, I shared a few videos highlighting two outstanding figures from Black History.

The first was a short bio about the iconic abolitionist Frederick Douglass.

I had so much fun researching this post. I gathered enough material to do about six more posts + a podcast episode about Mr Douglass's remarkable achievements.

If you dont know anything about this great man, you can learn more about him at the links below.

INSTAGRAM (Opens in a new window)

TIKTOK (Opens in a new window)

The second was about the Legendary Samuari Yasuke.

Yasuke was a Samurai in Japan who was the first African man to be accepted as a Samurai. I've covered Yasuke before, but I love his story so much that I created a new video highlighting his remarkable life.

You can find the video at the links below and a link to a podcast episode I made about him.

INSTAGRAM (Opens in a new window)

TIKTOK (Opens in a new window)

PODCAST (Opens in a new window)

What to expect from me in 2023

So while resting during my time off work, my mind naturally drifted towards thinking about the future, particularly the future of my social media channels. I started all of this to ensure that I could teach my son about his History and ended up learning more than I ever could have imagined.

The mission, however, stays the same: to create resources that will allow me and any other parents, grandparents, aunties, uncles and loved ones to teach the next generation about the richness of Black History.

With that in mind, in 2023, you will be getting a lot more content from me across all media platforms; for those who are new here, you can find me at:

YOUTUBE (Opens in a new window)

INSTAGRAM (Opens in a new window)

TIKTOK (Opens in a new window)

PINTEREST (Opens in a new window)

PODCAST PLATFORMS (Opens in a new window)

Search Black History Buff in your platform of choice, and I should pop up.

In 2023 I'll continue to make content but will try some new things, such as Live streams, interviewing authors, doing book reviews, highlighting black creators and possibly, if the demand is there, creating digital courses about Black and African History.

If that sounds exciting, stick around; updates about what I'm doing will keep coming straight to your inbox.

If you'd like to know more and have a say in what I'm doing, consider supporting me by joining my membership platform. Going forward, I will be posting more members-only content there, running polls to decide what I create next, and it will be the one place where you can access everything I make.

2023 will be an exciting year, and God willing, it will be the year that I can hire some additional support, reduce my work hours, and make better content more often.

If you still need to get ready for membership but want support, please keep reading my newsletter, liking my posts and spreading the word by sharing my content.

Till next time peace and love,

KK The Black History Buff

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