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Create Special Memories with Your Kids in Nature!

Reconnecting through Nature - We equip you with ideas, guides and support. You can just get going with your kids right away!
von Jowi

Ditch the "Shoulds" and embrace adventures:

WaldQuest helps busy families create unforgettable memories and connect deeply through nature.


Experience unforgettable moments:

Swap ordinary afternoons for extraordinary adventures.


Building a campfire together and roasting marshmallows.

Embarking on a playful hike where laughter fills the air.

Sharing stories and jokes while stargazing on a clear night.


Go beyond screens and connect deeply:

Escape the digital world and build stronger bonds.


Working together to overcome a nature challenge, cheering each other on.

Having conversations without distractions, truly listening and understanding.

Creating shared experiences that become cherished family stories.


Boost confidence in yourself and your kids:

Learn alongside each other and build resilience.


Mastering new skills like navigating with a compass or building a shelter.

Celebrating victories together, fostering a sense of accomplishment.

Becoming a confident guide for your children, creating lasting memories.


De-stress and rejuvenate as a family:

Leave daily pressures behind and reconnect with nature.


Breathing in fresh air and appreciating the calming effect of the outdoors.

Reducing stress and fatigue, fostering patience and emotional availability.

Creating happy and healthy memories that benefit the whole family.

Our Offer for you:

Quick Adventures:

With our micro-adventures, you have short adventures for a walk.

You are the Hero:

With the Forest Guardians, you collect experience points. Over time, you will level up!

Creative Aktivities:

Crafting, learning new skills, exciting projects and valuable knowledge - something for everyone!

Step-by-Step Guides:

We support you on family adventures with detailed guides.

About the author

My Name is Jonathan Witt, mostly called Jowi.

I have studied Forestry (B.Sc.) and Agriculture (M.Sc.) and am a certified Forest Instructor. In total I have spend over 5.000 hours outdoors.

I have spend 10 Years being a Scout and a Boy-Scout and also as Youth Leader at our local Church and have spend time outdoors with over 400 Kids and Teens.

Now I’m a father. Throughout my life I’ve had the best time with my loved ones in nature. In our Garden with my Mom, Doing Scouting with my Dad, Farming with my Grandfather. All these experiences led me to creating the Forest Guardians. So I can create experiences and memories with my Wife and my Son!