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Local Peace Formation - Solidarity, Freedom and Autonomy in Times of Crisis, Conflict and War


27.10.2022, Online Conference Time: 12:30 PM (CET) 



Meeting-ID: 656 6349 5463 

Kenncode: 840719


When people suffer from draconian laws, outright aggression, armed strife, natural disasters, plunder, global control of monopolies, resource wars, immigration control, or (new) racism, solidarity, freedom and autonomy become a matter in peace formation. Unfortunately actors into political processes in different parts of the world are not adequately given attention in the international peace discourse. Ideas of peace that are fundamentally elitist, Eurocentric, and postcolonial continue to be dominant. Subaltern peace agency is too often silenced and misrepresented within the common frameworks and processes of the international community. This online conference provides a platform for different actors to describe their visions of peace, solidarity, freedom and autonomy. It brings together scholars, activists and people from Rojava (Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria), Philippines, Iraq, Germany, Bulgaria and Austria. While these visions might collide with hegemonic ideals on the national and international level, they can be essential for local peace negotiation and thus the creation of a more egalitarian social system. Further more they can be a source of inspiration for actors in different conflict settings around the world.  This online conference is organized by the Varna Institute for Peace Research (VIPR), the Department of Global Governance (Institute of the Foundations of Law) at the University of Graz, and the Conflict – Peace – Democracy Cluster.

The following speakers will introduce their vision and will share their experience of solidarity, freedom

and autonomy in times of crisis, conflicts and war.


MMag. Dr. Maximilian Lakitsch MA - (Senior) Scientist at the Department of Global Governance of the Institute of the Foundations of Law at the University of Graz.

Josef Mühlbauer MA – PhD Student (Political Science) and volunteer at the Varna Institute for Peace Research (VIPR). 

Keynote Speaker: 

Yurii Scheljaschenko PhD (World Beyond War) - Executive Secretary of the Ukrainian Pacifist Movement and Sean MacBride Peace Prize Winner (2022).

Prof. Roy Casagranda PhD (Austin Community College) - Professor of Government at Austin Community College in Texas. 

Panel Discussion on Philippines: 

Dr. Janina Dannenberg - International Peace Observers Network (IPON Germany).

Regletto Aldrich D. Imbong, PhD - Asst. Professor at the College of Social Sciences, University of Philippines Cebu. 

Panel Discussion on Rojava (Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria): 

Berzo Mehmûd (Qamishli/ Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria) 

Alan Pire BA - Center for Teaching and Learning (Vienna/Austria) 

Panel Discussion on Iraq:

Prof. Heike Wendt - Professor at the Institute of Education Research and Teacher Education at the University of Graz (Austria).

Prof. Dr. Anwar Alfaidhi - Prof. Dr. in Molecular Physics at the Mosul University (Iraq)

After the discussions there will be time for a Q&A session!

Register for free: josefmuehlbauer@gmx.at

Or watch it here: 


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