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Interview with #Assembly

Assembly is an Ukrainian anarchist online magazine - based in Kharkiv (#Kharkov) near the Russian border. Assembly writes about social conflicts, urban and environmental problems, self-organized efforts to overcome it from below and local anarchist history.



1:07 - The war in #Ukraine from an #anarchist perspective

2:42 - Petro Poroschenko, Maidan

8:35 - Jurij Scheljaschenko: https://worldbeyondwar.org/de/yurii/

9:03 - Liberal/Mainstream Media - Reductionism, Personalization (all the blame on #Putler) 

11:00 - "Only either state propaganda or very cheated people can call this oligarchic-parliamentary coup a revolution." 

#Euromaidan, #RevolutionOfDignity, #ColourRevolution - https://www.thecommoner.org.uk/assemb...

20:30 - International Day of Peace

21:04 - Vladimir Putin has announced a partial military mobilisation

22:24 - Anti-War Manifesto (Gustav Landauer, Alexander Berkman, Emma Goldman, Errico Malatesta) 

26:00 - Black Flag, Anarcho-Communism

31:50 - Workers should unit - Anarchosyndicalism: KRAS, WAS; APC ("General Strike!" Landauer)

33:28 - Nestor #Makhno

42:04 - Needs, Problems and Spaces of Solidarity in Times of War

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