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Medialist Innovation is the digital home for everyone who wants to know the latest about trends, innovations and the future.
von Alexander Pinker

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Medialist Innovation has made it its mission to bring clarity to the tangles of trends, innovations and the future. With innovation profiles, company presentations and current journalistic news from the world of tomorrow, we try to make current developments more tangible.

To ensure the greatest possible independence in our reporting and to offer you the best reading, viewing and listening experience, we largely forego advertising and thus the resulting income from the advertising business. In the end, it's always about you and your experience when consuming our content.

Alexander Pinker, as the founder of the platform, wants the barriers to be as low as possible and that's why there won't be endless Medialist+ content as you know it from other platforms. The premium content we offer you is a bit of icing on the cake, but even without a supporter subscription you will always be well informed and entertained. That's what's most important to us!