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Let's talk about chess, a podcast created by Dutch chess writer/photographer Eric van Reem, in which he talks to chess personalities.
von Eric van Reem, creator and host of the LTAC podcast

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The money will be completely invested in the podcast to finance hardware and better software, pay for the professional artwork of my logo, pay my podcast host and subscribe to chess publications.

You listened to the "Let's talk about Chess" podcast and want to support the show? Thank you very much!

Creating and hosting a good chess podcast takes a lot of my time, even more than I ever imagined! And yes, I want to do it right.... I have to search for the best interview partners and invite them. Then the fun begins: I have to start preparing thoroughly when I am going to talk to interesting and various guests from the international world of chess to create the best content for you. This means that I have to buy and study (chess) books, subscribe to chess magazines, look at videos, follow streams and watch chess events. Yes, it's a tough job :-)) 

I need to invest time and money to create the best possible content for you, the listener, but I also need to pay the monthly bills to my podcast host. I need proper tools, reliable software and buy hardware like microphones and headphones. But: with a little help from you, the listener, I can invest your support to get  better hardware, better software and buy even more books to provide the best possible podcast "Let's talk about Chess" for you, the listener. Once again, thank you very much! Your support is important and highly appreciated.