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We are kurzgesagt, an animation studio and YouTube channel. We create animated 2D Videos explaining complex space and science topics.
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In 2013 the kurzgesagt YouTube channel was founded. Back then we were fresh out of university and just wanted to keep doing what we liked best: make beautiful animation videos explaining complicated stuff. 

Our wish came true: Today kurzgesagt is a team of more than 30 people and we have been creating videos ever since. But YouTube alone can’t sustain us. 

We invest so much time and care into each individual video that from an economical perspective it is, well, plain stupid. So we earn a big part of our living by creating commercial projects for clients. That’s also a lot of fun, but our dream is to spend as much time on content creation for YouTube as possible. 

Steady helps us to get closer to that goal. By supporting us you are making our life less stressful and help us to focus more on our videos. Your donation doesn’t have to be huge – any amount is greatly appreciated and helps us to get closer to our goal. That means we are able to make more videos – but also work on educational projects like books or an app that we couldn’t do otherwise. 

Whatever happens: we promise that our videos will always be free and we will always invest as much time and love into them as we can. 

Thank you for your ongoing support – you keep kurzgesagt alive and give us purpose and a mission. 

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