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Great Question

Monday, 15th of January 2024

Introducing you to the power of asking questions one Great Question at a time.

Which question would you ask yourself that no one has ever asked you before?

Two weeks ago I gave one of my “Power of Asking Questions” seminars. Instead of doing a classical introduction round I asked the participants:

 “Which question would you ask yourself that no one has ever asked you before?”

The group of people knew and worked with each other already for several weeks. But the questions formulated, showed completely new aspects and revealed the participants’ desires, hopes, fears and dreams, showing so much more than any introduction round ever would have:

  • What really defines you?

  • If you could be invisible for a day, what would you do?

  • Why do you always do things differently?

were some of the questions that helped them to encounter each other on a completely different and very profound level. The questions represented aspects that others often overlook, areas in which they feel unseen and perhaps misunderstood. And so this little exercise came with a big learning:

A good question is one we would like to hear ourselves but rarely hear. To change that, it’s about us to break that cycle. Often, it's a small, simple question that can make a big difference and can lead to more depth, authenticity and ultimately to human connection.

Please share YOUR question that YOU would ask yourself that no one has ever asked you before and win a free 1 hour 1:1 online session with me!

Dare to ask,


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