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Great Question

Sunday, 31st of December 2023  

Introducing you to the power of asking questions one Great Question at a time.

What do you want to be grateful for a year from now?

Big exception, it’s the last day of the year, this is why I am sending you my newsletter on a Sunday instead of Monday. This is because I want to share my New Year’s Eve tradition with you:

I write a letter to myself that I open the next year on New Year’s Eve, right before I write a letter for the next year again. In the letter I answer the question:

What do you want to be grateful for a year from now?

I write down my hopes and my dreams and what person I am today vs. what person I think I will be a year from now.

When I open the letter, it’s always a big surprise, I never remember what I wrote and comparing my plans and predictions with the actual outcome and events is the most exciting and interesting thing ever.

If you have a quiet moment before the celebrations start tonight, give it a try. I’ll guarantee you, you will love it!

Until next year,


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