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Choose one of several subscription offers and gain benefits in game and in HexerGraf's streams!

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We will add a third map to the Ark cluster, either Aberration or Scorched Earth, depending on requests from the players!

Welcome to the Steady subscription page for HexerGraf, the Goblin on Mixer! Here you'll find several options to help support the stream and game servers, each giving you special rewards and accesses to the servers and to his stream! 

Every subscription will gain access to the special Patron board on stream, from which you can give yourself shoutouts, find secret giveaway codes, and more! Higher tiers will bring even more goodies, including being added to a special channel in Discord, earning powerful items in our game servers, and free, monthly StreamLoots packs to be used right on the stream.

As more goals are reached, we'll be adding more fun features and benefits to the existing subscriptions, so keep an eye out and tell your friends! 

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