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Help to keep the flame of new music alive

Grassroot music & counter-culture journalism unrestricted by genre or boundaries, founded by The Membranes frontman, John Robb
di John Robb

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The future of music is in your hands.

Just imagine a world with no new music. Imagine how grey and empty it would be. Sadly, it’s not implausible. The creative industries are under threat like never before.

Louder Than War has always been all about finding new musical voices and giving them a platform. We embrace all genres, from music hall to Miley Cyrus, from post-punk to post-future; from Bob Dylan to Bob Vylan, from the frontline to the underground. We are incredibly proud of the fact that we were the first publication anywhere to write about Charli XCX when she supported Young Fathers, upstairs in a pub in Camden, in 2011.

The vast majority of musicians today need every bit of help they can get. Without the opportunity to gig, they need people to buy their music. But before that, they need people to know that they exist, to know that their music is brilliant and creative and worth investing in. They desperately need publicity and that’s our role.

How you can help to keep the flame burning.

We love nothing more than writing about brilliant music of all genres. And we love the fact that we can genuinely make a difference, by helping artists to find an audience. They need publications like Louder Than War to do that on their behalf, but the costs associated with running the site are becoming increasingly onerous.

You, our readership, can play a crucial role in keeping new music alive. With subscriptions starting at a little over £1 a week, you can help us to continue to promote the creative arts and give artists the platform they desperately need. By doing so, you can be reassured that you are helping the artists whose music you love. After all, it’s ALL about them.

Scroll down to check out your membership options. On behalf of everyone at Louder Than War and the artists we cover, thank you so much.