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YEOJA Mag is an online and offline platform exploring intersectional feminism and amplifying the voices of marginalised identities
by YEOJA Mag Team

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YEOJA Mag is an independent platform run by volunteers. We explore intersectional feminism through long-form articles and interviews on subculture, opinion, fashion, beauty, health, and arts. YEOJA Mag is more than just an online publication. We also platform folx and create opportunity through our community initiatives through our offline events and workshops.

By supporting YEOJA Mag, you are helping us to survive independently and to continue to do the work that we do. 

Your contribution will help us to:

♥ Continue to amplify the voices of marginalised folx

♥ Claim and create space in an industry that is predominantly white and male

♥ Continue to put on workshops and events for the community

♥ Collaborate with more incredible artists, musicians, activists, writers, and other folx who share our values



YEOJA Mag was founded by Korean-American Rae Tilly (Mee-Jin). YEOJA Mag was created to amplify stories and topics for and about marginalised communities that are still largely ignored by mainstream media with a special emphasis on the BIW*oC and TIN*PoC community.

YEOJA Mag is made up of original articles, interviews, artwork, and photography.

We are YEOJA Mag the first English speaking intersectional feminist platform in Germany.

Our readers are English-speaking 18-32 year olds who care about art and culture, politics, and equality.

YEOJA Mag fights for the normalisation and amplification of marginalised voices and people.