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Fireside Chat Michael Kearney MD - ‘Becoming Forest’

Thursday, 28 March 2024 - ONLINE

5 PM (CET/Rome) | 9AM (PT/Santa Barbara | 9:30PM (IST/Delhi)

Michael Kearney MD

Michael Kearney was  born in Ireland and has worked for 43 years as a palliative care  physician at the bedsides of those seriously ill and dying.

He studied with  Cicely Saunders, founder of the modern hospice movement, and is a  student of Native American traditions and Mahayana Buddhism. 

Michael and his wife, psychologist and author Radhule Weininger, live in Santa Barbara.

Becoming Forest

Michael Kearney's Becoming Forest (Opens in a new window) is an allegorical novel spanning three continents, three forests, and three generations about the healing wisdom of trees.

The book has been praised by Mary Robinson, 7th President of Ireland, who said: “Becoming Forest is a bold, imaginative tale that serves as a handbook for psychological and spiritual resilience in the face of imminent climate collapse."

We will explore some of the themes in the book and discuss Michael’s plans for the Becoming Forest project (Opens in a new window).

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How to register for the Fireside Chat

The Fireside Chat will be hosted by Roger Casale (Opens in a new window), co-founder with Ervin Laszlo of the World Upshift Movement. |

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