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Unity Earth’s international symposium starts tomorrow

A reminder about this wonderful event organised by Unity Earth and a host of global impact networks to honour the work of our co-founder Ervin Laszlo.

Dozens of worldwide organisations have come together with leading thinkers, activists and facilitators to bring you this FREE international Symposium.

Lauren L’Amour and Jarvis Smith from World Upshift will join Ervin at Session 1 tomorrow, which is entitled “Humanity’s Sacred Mission.” Tammy Scarlett will join Session 3 on “Synergizing for Change”.

For details of the full schedule | Programme (Opens in a new window)

The international Symposium is a collaboration inspired by the call of Ervin Laszlo for an upshift in human consciousness, and it is produced by UNITY EARTH in partnership with The Holomovement, One World, Hubcast Media and many other global organizations including World Upshift Forum.

The event is brought free to the world through the generous sponsorship of Purpose Earth, Good of the Whole, Source of Synergy Foundation, Connection Field, SINE, Light on Light and UNITY EARTH.

To register for the ZOOM LINK to attend this event | Register here (Opens in a new window) (Opens in a new window)

Find out more about the World Upshift Movement and join as a Hummingbird Member or Friend (if you have not yet done so) | Sign up here (Opens in a new window)


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