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A conversation with a monk

🧘🏽‍♂️ This Episode is special: It's in English and with the first male guest ever. Because we are wild woman, but we are nourished by the masculine. 🌹

In this episode I interviewed Gagandeva. He is 30 and is living in the Community in Portugal, where I am right now. He is following the Philosophy of Ananda Marga - a spiritual Organisation. I am diving deep into this Philosophy and we talked about one interesting topic:

Sexuality & Abstinence - sexual energy, how you can transform this life force into something higher and much more. How he found his way into this lifestyle etc.

Of course, I asked provoking questions - "What, if you fall in love deeply? What, if you have cravings?" 🤯

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Much love,

Francesca 🪶

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