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Happy Ostara/Easter/Spring Equinox ☀️🐰🐣

My dear friend,

I hope you’ve been enjoying these holidays of light and fertility, growth and expansion, birth and rebirth and feeling more alive after the darker days of winter.

To be honest, even though I have a Christian background, I didn’t remember very well what these holidays had to do with Jesus, exactly, until I looked it up with my brother this weekend.

For me, this was always the first weekend of the year that we welcomed the brighter half of the year - at the Baltic Sea - and the whole extended family came together to celebrate life and each other.

We went on Easter egg hunts and kids and grown-ups alike had to climb, jump and entertain everyone watching them.

We watched a big fire, symbolically burning old wood as a representation of burning all that we didn’t wish to take into this next season.

In a way, for me, this feels much more like the beginning of the year, much more than January does and in many other cultures, the beginning of spring is also the beginning of the New Year, and these days we get to, respectfully and consciously choose how and when we want to celebrate what.

So what have you been up to?

Do you celebrate Easter? Or the arrival of Spring? How?

Wikipedia taught me that Ēastre (Old English) and Ôstara (Old High German) have the same origin and derive from the Proto-Germanic theonym Austrō(n), meaning 'dawn, daybreak', extended from the root h₂ews- (Opens in a new window), meaning 'to shine, glow (red)'.

East also derives from the same root, which makes sense as East is where the sun rises.

And then there is the also Ēostre or Ôstara the West Germanic spring goddess, after which the whole month of April was named in Germanic.

So no matter what or whom or how we celebrate: eggs, rabbits, Jesus, God, fertility, growth, Ostara, or the arrival of spring - it’s wonderful to celebrate the seasons as they shape our lives, and it’s equally wonderful to appreciate and celebrate each other, spend some quality time together and have some fun - because we need each other so much.

So I wish you, my dear friend, a bright and shining new season of light and send you lots of love, joy, happiness and growth for it too.

Love, Verena (Opens in a new window)

And here’s what we did in the CREATRIX School (Opens in a new window) last week:

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What’s Your Unique Superpower?

We start this lesson with a short review of what we’ve learned in the last few lessons to resolve the most common problems found in communities today.

And then we begin to look at our unique superpowers, so we can become more confident in the way we contribute to any community, group or project we choose to support.

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(Opens in a new window)

What’s Your Favourite Archetype?

In this lesson, we dive deeper into the roles we can inhabit in a group or community setting.

Are you better fit for a creative role or a leading role, or both, or something else?

Knowing what we are good at, and also thinking about what we would like to learn and grow into, can help us immensely to find our place in any community setting and to be able to contribute in the best possible way.

This is also a great resource if you’d ever like to start your own project or company and can help you make sure all vital roles will be covered so that the project can run in the best possible way.

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(Opens in a new window)

What’s Your (stress) Archetype?

Of course, things don’t always go the way we want them too.

Sometimes we get stressed, overwhelmed, take on too much or don’t dare to step into our power.

But we can always change and learn and grow.

Looking at the Occasional Archetypes, like the thief, victim, fool, hero_ine, adventurer and so on can help us to recognize these archetypes in ourselves and others and help us to come back into balance, whenever we slip into them.

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