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Unreel is a space for candid and incisive discussions on Philippine cinema.

Since its nascent years, Unreel has set out to build a definitive film resource: our website — (Opens in a new window) — is home to hundreds of reviews, essays, and analyses of Filipino films. Our mission is to celebrate great Filipino films and champion the people behind them without submitting to the whims of social media algorithms or corporate overlords.

Unreel is and will always be a fiercely independent outlet. And that is why, in large part, we have decided to build this page. Readers, viewers, and listeners can now directly support our work. With your help, we can expand our growing community of film lovers.

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By becoming a paid member, you will get access to a members-only newsletter that sends Filipino film recommendations every other week. You will also unlock paywalled content on the website, a collection of essays, analyses, profiles, and interviews that we publish exclusively for members. Along with these, you will also get badged access to the Unreel discord and ad-free access to the website.

More crucially, you will enable us to sustain (and even grow) our work and ensure that our writers and contributors will pull their weight in gold for doing what they do best and love. 

—Geoff and Armand, Unreel editors