Storytelling for Journalists

by Gabriela Ramirez

Do you wonder how to connect with your audience across Social Media? Would you like to tell your stories in different formats, but don't know where to start? Perhaps you would like to add some multimedia and visual elements to your next journalistic piece? Then, our upcoming #UnbiasTraining is for you. Join us on February 25th at 13:00 CET to learn more about engagement, interactive journalism, data visualization, and multimedia tools, that can help design your stories in a way that your audience can relate and connect with. This training aims to spark creativity and motivate you to experiment with new tools and acquire skills that allow us to become better storytellers. This training will be hosted by Gabriela Ramírez, our Head of Data & Multimedia. Gabriela is a Venezuelan storyteller researching the intersections of journalism, innovation, and product strategy. At Unbias The News, she develops social media and content strategies to tell stories that audiences engage with. She holds a Master’s in Interactive Journalism with a focus on new multimedia narratives and formats.

The training will take place on Feb. 25, 2022 1 pm CET and is open for all journalists who have pitched to Unbias the News – and our members! Sign up for a membership now to get access on time!

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