Fact checking for Journalists

 - How to fight misinformaiton

by Purple Romero

So-called “fake news” has deepened the dirge of distrust toward journalists, scientists, health experts and other people who are otherwise considered reliable authorities in their various fields.

This distrust, antagonism and repudiation of facts have political, personal and societal ramifications. Join us in this training to better understand the architecture of disinformation, learn the basic tips and tools in debunking dubious social media posts and analyze how socipolitical contexts affect the way we address disinformation.

This training is conducted by Purple Romero, a consulting editor at Unbias the News. She was part of the first fact-checking initiative of Agence France-Presse in the Philippines. She now trains young students how to fact-check at the University of Hong Kong.

The training will take place on Nov. 30, 1 pm CET and is open for all journalists who have pitched to Unbias the News – and our members! Sign up for a membership before Nov. 29 to get access on time!

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