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Oh, Vienna! The Travelling Tolkienist is travelling!

Now, my sincere apologies for pestering you with one of the 1980's most classic hits (Opens in a new window) by UK superband Ultravox - you might know its singer Midge Ure from his world hit If I Was (Opens in a new window)  with its groundbreaking video (Opens in a new window) or as one of the co-organisers of 1985's Live Aid (Opens in a new window) - but it is the one song I immediately connect with Austria's capital. No, do not talk to me about any waltzes, I do get dizzy when trying that particular kind of dance. Also, Ure funnily mistook the basic idea of the song with the mythical figure Rhiannon and the world hit (Opens in a new window) that Fleetwood Mac had with it. (Opens in a new window)

Anyway, I have just booked a night train to Vienna as my very cute and local train station Jena-Göschwitz (Opens in a new window) happens to be: 

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